Friday, June 10, 2011

Foods Is My Friend Ever I have

My name is Kok Then Lee from Kota Belud Sabah, Malaysia.

 My friends out there, I would like to share about FOODS to all of you.

This is me on 2003-2012
With my sibling, I am the 3rd son here.. Year 2003

Wrong step I done in 2009 in January

Waw... its killing me day after day... Because I take wrong meals...!!! Year 2009 March

I am really need your help... I am really need your support... and I'm desperate to loose my weight with dieting, excercising, taking diet pils.. But!! its really stressing me out...!! HELP..!!

Year 2009 Dec

Year 2010 Jan

Year 2010 May

Year 2010 August

Year 2010 Feb

Year 2011 July

Year 2012 Feb

Year 2012 May
What should I do to my body.. I did try my best for diet but I faced a failure all the time...

I have skin problem, look at my face, its called cholesterol syndrome..
Always sleepy...   

Then ..

Still putting more and more foods... 

until I met this guy..
He inspired me to loose my weight....

 I followed his life journey..

This is how my meals today...
Then I make my final dicision with prayers to God too..

I register my self to join HERBALIFE membership on 25th Feb 2013
Then I spend my money with this healthy foods..
"Money's out, fat also out"

This is my Breakfast n my Dinner...

This is my daily lunch

I take it seriously to loose my weight..

My daily water supply for my body.. 6 liters per day

Today 28th of March 2013 I totally lost 8kg in 4 weeks..


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Social Service

I Love Kids

(Left pic's)
Me (right) and my friend from Switzealand, Mr.Patrick (left) having fun with our student at TGSH Keningau Sabah. Year 2010

(Left Pic's)
I am really excited to be their teacher. Teaching them how to read, write and count. Year 2010

Cutest boy picked.. Which one is is the most popular here the Centre? Year 2010

These photo taken at Grace Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Jalan Penampang. Celebrating their Birth Day in school with Secret Recipe Cake, sponsored by me. The most delicious cake in the city. On 2010

Behind us its a Mount Kinabalu Park LandscapeTeached them to create Mount Kinabalu Park's landscape.  We won's the 1st Prize . Waw very2 happy.... 2010

Red & Pink Day.. Photo shoot session on Year 2009.

Also in Red shirt, Red colour symbolism of LOVE... Year 2010